Debut Album to be Released This Fall – written by Carolyn O’Neill


In addition to my job at Resolution I spend much of my time outside of work devoted to various musical projects. I graduated from Columbia College in 2004 with a degree in Music Composition and with a high desire to compose for film or multi-media productions, which led me to seek out getting my foot in the door at a post house around town, and ultimately to Resolution. Throughout the years I have taken every opportunity to compose for any small projects developed by Resolution staff such as our 48 Hour Film Contest shorts, various holiday videos, a safari video, a video game style conference piece, and the largest project being former Executive Producer, Mitch Apley’s fantasy short, Lighter Lightness.

About 2 years ago Matt Mehawich, a fellow composer and college friend, suggested the idea of starting our own chamber ensemble as an outlet for those of us who missed having the opportunity to play classical music and ultimately as a group who would be able to play new compositions of ours and those of others that would otherwise go unperformed. I knew managing this group would be a daunting task, but decided to take him up on his idea. Over the past 2 years we, The Logan Square New Music Ensemble, have had a rotating ensemble of 9 to 12 players at any time including violins, viola, cello, keyboard, trumpet, french horn, bassoon, flute, clarinet and oboe. We generally perform once a season and only play new music written by mostly local composers, many of whom we know. Our last performance was at The Charnel House in Logan Square on February 22nd. You can check out some video clips from our performances here.


Last June, I had the extreme luck and pleasure of being approached on Soundcloud by Philippe Gerber, a French Ambient/Industrial/Drone artist operating out of Geneva, Switzerland. He had a surprising request, asking if I would like to collaborate and write and record a clarinet part for one of his tracks for his upcoming release via his record label Alrealon Musique . I had been listening to and loving Philippe’s work as the artist JOHN 3:16 and was honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a talent as his. The result of which is the piece Abyss of Hell/Clouds of Fire which was released on his first full length album as JOHN 3:16 ‘Visions of the Hereafter – Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory’ in October 2012 . Since then I have traveled to Switzerland to meet Philippe and his family, and have collaborated with him on another track that will be released on my debut album via Alrealon Musique this fall under the name of my musical persona, Rasplyn. Stay tuned for details!

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Check back on this coming Thursday for more about Carolyn!

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